THE AUTHOR – Colin Hines

Colin Hines author of ‘The Kewtees’, also wrote ‘Art Deco London’ www.artdecolondon.com and his day job is convener of the Green New Deal group. This aims to encourage large scale expenditure to solve environmental problems and so generate substantial numbers of jobs and business opportunities. He is an advisor to the Green Member of Parliament Dr Caroline Lucas and author of the book ‘Progressive Protectionism’. Before that he was the Co-ordinator of Greenpeace International’s Economics Unit having worked for the organisation for 10 years.


John Hilder illustrator of ‘The Kewtees’. Before his retirement he was head designer for Madame Tussauds, and prior to that a theatre designer and painter. His illustrations have amazing energy and character and in the words of his colleague, friend and fellow illustrator Rob Adams ‘a John Hilder drawing always looked to be about to burst from the page and colonise the surrounding area! Whatever the job he was involved in, be it a huge development like Madame Tussauds New York, or a hamburger stand in Alton Towers, he always put his heart and soul into it’. Sadly John Hilder died in 2011 after battling with cancer for several years. He nevertheless continued working on the ‘Kewtees’ almost to the end, and this book is a lasting tribute to his enormous talents.